Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 1

Here we go. I'm starting this blog with an idea to write about things I love(like). I want to put together the list of my favorite people, books, music, cities, events ....

I decided to sign my blog with Tin Cup. You know the movie "Tin Cup" with Kevin Costner. The movie is romantic-golf comedy with swings and kisses. I like it. If you didn't see it run to Blockbusters and rent it. The main character is a good golfer and he can make amazing shots like the famous “pelican shot”.

I don’t play golf but I saw something in the final scene of the movie that reminds me on the way I go trough the life. It’s all about taking chances. Easy way is sometimes too easy and boring. ‘Tin Cup’ style is fun. Look how much the crowd loves Roy when after 12 attempts he makes the shot.

Belgrade, my home town, I left September 7, 1986.